Our History

Our History


The first meeting of the Alumnae was held on January 26, 1903. Meetings were held annually until 1910 when they were increased to three a year, then eight a year in the 1920's and gradually back to two a year in the 1960's. The highest recorded attendance was 55 at the1913 annual meeting. Picnic and banquet meetings added some variety, but were phased out in the 1950's. Currently the trend is for dinner meetings subsidized by the Winifred A. Mosley Fund along with minimal fees paid by attendees.


Membership was by application until 1968. Today, an annual dues statement is sent in October/November to all graduates except Charter and Honorary members. Payment is due by January 1 to establish eligibility for fund participation or to obtain scholarship and assistance from specific funds.


Since the inception of the Alumni Association to the present, dues have fluctuated between $1 and $25.

Constitution, By-Laws, Incorporation:

A Constitution and By-Laws were adopted in 1906, the By-Laws being revised 11 times through to the present. The Association was incorporated in 1945 and the incorporation papers were re-filed in 1951. A new set of Incorporation papers were filed in 1976 when the name was changed from "Nurses Alumnae Association of the Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing, of Troy, New York, Inc." to "Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Inc."

Liaison with Professional Organizations

Application was first made for admission to New York State Nurses Association some time after January 29, 1907. Applications were later made and approved for affiliation with the American Nurses Association and the District 9 of the New York Nurses Association.

Active affiliation lasted until 1966 when the alumni no longer maintained responsibility for collecting and reimbursing each organization dues in addition to collection for the school of nursing alumni.

Delegates were sent to conventions as early as 1920. Money was appropriated in 1937 and 1938 in support of the Nurse Practice Act that became effective April 1, 1949.

Job mobility played a major role in change of attitude concerning professional organization participation. There is, however, an Alumni representative (District Liaison) who keeps the Alumni informed regarding legislation and other programs affecting nursing.

Uniform and Cap

At the June 8, 1920 meeting "a regulation inform was described" and at the October 3, 1922 meeting it was noted that the Samaritan cap was "certified; registration fee of $5".

A cap fold presentation, via letter from the Student Faculty Cooperative Association, eliminated the cap indentation in 1956. At the April 9, 1957 meeting there was a vote to add a inch band to the graduated cap effective May 1, 1957. Wearing of the cap became obsolete in the mid 1990's and is now only worn, by vote of each graduation class, at the time of the graduation ceremony.

Association with the School of Nursing

The Alumni had given "prize money" and "scholarships" to the graduation classes during the periods of relative affluence until 1989. The award of the Nightingale Pin, assumed by the Alumni in 1955 continues to be given to "that senior who excels in nursing practice" in each graduation class -- gold to the RN and Silver to the LPN. Donations to the School of Nursing continue based on available Alumni funds.

Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing and Alumni Seal

The seal is comprised of the Good Samaritan and his donkey. The seal is featured on the cover of the Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Newsletter which is published semi-annually.


The Alumni Inc. is managed on a voluntary basis by RN and LPN graduates who are elected to the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The President with the approval of the Board may designate from among its members the following standing committees, each to consist of three or more Directors, and to serve at the pleasure of the Board:

  • Courtesy
  • Communications
  • District Liaison
  • Finance
  • Mosley Fund
  • Seber Fund
  • Welsh Fund
  • Belknap Fund

Special committees at the Board from time to time may deem desirable.







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