Frequently Asked Questions

Eddy DayBreak Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between a DayBreak social and medical program?

A: A social program provides activities, lunch, socialization and staff can give reminders for participants to take any medications.  There is limited assistance with toileting and no bathing at our social program. If someone has a risk of wandering, our social program may not be appropriate. At a medical program, there is a full time nurse that can provide most of the skilled nursing needs of the participants, such as medication administration, wound care, vital signs, etc.


Q: How will I know which program is appropriate for my mom?

A: Our Program Managers will be happy to discuss your situation and specific needs. Each person, like each of our programs, is unique and we will assist you in deciding which of our programs is right for your loved one whether that is based on location or other specific needs.


Q: What will my dad do during a day at the DayBreak?

A: One thing is for sure, one day is never like the last at a DayBreak. Our creative Activities Coordinators put together a calendar each month full of a wide range of activities. These may include anything but are not limited to sing-a-longs, pet therapy, arts & crafts, parties, entertainment (singers, dancers, bands), stimulating games & trivia. It’s more than just Bingo! The DayBreak is a fun and engaging environment for your loved one!


Q: Do you offer trips?

A: Some of the DayBreak programs do offer trips throughout the month. These may include a lunch, shopping, music or educational trips.


Q: My dad tends to wander. Are the DayBreak programs secure?

A: While all programs take the proper precautions against wandering, our Marjorie Doyle Rockwell Center DayBreak offers the most secure environment.


Q: What is the admission process?

A: After your initial inquiry, we would be happy to invite you to tour any of our programs. Once you and your family have decided on a program, we will need our History & Physical form filled out (within 6 weeks of admission) by the primary physician and returned to us. A PPD or chest X-ray must be completed within 12 months of admission. You and your loved one will also sit down with the Program Manager, Program Nurse and/or Social Worker to complete an Intake. During this time, paperwork covering emergency contacts, advance directives, release forms, payment and the Admission Agreement will be filled out. Once all the paperwork is completed, your loved one can begin attending program.


Q: Can I bring my grandmother in for a trial day?

A: Yes, we are happy to offer a trial day. This may be for a few hours so your loved one (and you) can see our programs in action. We will provide lunch and include your loved one in any activity going on that day. Many people are nervous about the idea of a day program, this includes the caregiver and potential participant. The trial day is a great way to get a feel for a program! Meet the staff and become part of our “family” for the morning or afternoon.


Q: Does my mom have to attend Monday through Friday?

A: No. Whether it is best for your loved one to attend one day, three days or five, we will do our best to accommodate his or her needs.


Q: When is DayBreak open?

A: All DayBreaks are open Monday through Friday. Below you will find specific program times:

Troy 7:30am – 4:30pm

Marjorie Doyle (Cohoes – Dementia Specific Program) 8:00am – 4:30pm

Cohoes 7:30am – 4:30pm

Schuyler Ridge (Clifton Park) 7:30am – 5:00pm

Rensselaer (Social Program) 8:00am – 5:00pm


Q: Is there transportation available?

A: If your loved one is covered by Medicaid, transportation can be arranged. If paying privately there may be transportation available through our vans. This is based on the location, availability and the driver’s transportation schedule.  Please speak to our Program Managers/Social Workers if you would like more information on our transportation or other options that may be available in the area.


Q: Does the DayBreak close for inclement weather?

A: Generally, no. We are open year round (except for major holidays) regardless of the weather. However, if the local school district closes, we will NOT provide transportation. Also, in the event of any severe weather, the specific program will notify you of any necessary closures. Please note that outside transportation vendors may cancel transportation. This is a decision made by those companies and is independent from the DayBreaks.


Q: Does the DayBreak close for holidays?

A: The DayBreak closes for the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day



We always reopen the next business day (yes, that includes Black Friday!).


Q: I need help giving mom a shower, can you provide one at program?

A: At our medical programs, our CNA’s (certified nursing assistant) can provide assistance with any activities of daily living such as showers, toileting, dressing or nail care. Our compassionate and dedicated staff provide exceptional care throughout the day.


Q: Is lunch served?

A: Yes, at both our social and medical programs. These are included at no additional cost and prepared by our own chefs. One day it may be baked chicken and mashed potatoes, another day we may be grilling hamburgers and serving pasta salad – either way, it is always delicious, hot and healthy!


Q: Can you accommodate a ground or puree diet? Gluten free diet?

A: At our medical programs, we can absolutely accommodate most special diets. We can also provide nutritional counseling. Gluten free diets would have to be discussed at the specific program. Any other diet restrictions are program specific.


Q: What is the cost?

A: The cost for DayBreak first depends if your loved one will be attending a social or medical program. Our social program has an hourly rate. The program can also be covered by the Medicaid Waiver program or caregiver grants offered throughout the area.

The medical programs are paid for Medicaid, some Long Term Care Insurance, Fidelis, or paid privately. When paying privately, there is a daily rate based on the days attended. There is no charge if a participant cancels a day. This rate is different at each location. Caregiver grants may also cover some of the costs.

Some services received at program may be covered by Medicare, for example, lab services, rehab therapies and podiatry visits.

Our Program Managers/Social Workers will be happy to discuss your specific situation with you.


Q: Are there any additional costs?

A: Generally, no. If we provide transportation there is a daily charge. The only service in which there may be an additional out of pocket expense would be the beautician, although this is a very minimal charge. At times, your loved one may want to attend a lunch outing or shopping trip – this too would be out of pocket.


Q: What happens if DayBreak is no longer appropriate?

A: Our goal is to keep people in their homes but sometimes a transition to a higher level of care may be needed. We can assist with referrals to homecare, skilled nursing facility placement and communicating with healthcare providers. Our programs will assist you with finding the appropriate services for your loved one.


If we didn’t answer a specific question you might have – please feel free to call the program or our Community Liaison (518)729-6523.

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