PN to RN Transition Course


The PN to RN Transition Course

Offered at Memorial School of Nursing

Memorial School of Nursing is pleased to offer the New York State Coalition for Educational Mobility's Practical Nurse (PN) to Registered Nurse (RN) Transition Course. The course enables LPNs to advance into an RN program without unnecessary gaps or duplication of LPN course material. The New York State LPN to RN Transition Course is designed to reinforce prior learning as well as to update and enhance the student's knowledge.

The PN to RN Transition Course is offered at Memorial School of Nursing each spring semester. It is also offered on line and at several colleges across the state. For a listing of participating colleges or for more information, go on line to

What's Involved

The workload for the course is comparable to a three (3) credit hour class. Upon successful completion of the PN to RN Transition Course at our school, students who have been accepted into the RN program at Memorial School of Nursing or Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing will receive 15 credits in Nursing.

If you complete the PN to RN Transition Course at another school, you must have an official transcript from that school sent directly to Memorial School of Nursing or Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing before transfer credit for nursing courses will be awarded.

Entering the RN Program

For progression into our Registered Nurse program, students must apply for and be granted admission. Students who complete the transition course are not automatically admitted or enrolled in either Memorial or Samaritan's RN program. LPNs who successfully complete the transition course and are admitted to one of our programs may receive credit for NSG I and NSG II.  These students must hold a current New  York State LPN license and registration.



These courses, along with other non-nursing courses in our curriculum, can be taken by a Memorial School of Nursing or a Samaritan Hospital student prior to successfully completing the Transition Course. Once a student has been accepted into one of our Schools of Nursing, they may register for these courses through our Student Services Office, even prior to taking the Transition Course.

Anatomy and Physiology I and II
English Composition I
General and Developmental Psychology

All students must take at least 20 nursing credits at our school.

For more information about the PN to RN Transition Course, please call Memorial School of Nursing at (518) 471-3260.

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