Estimated Costs

Estimated Costs 2016-2017

The tuition and fees listed are those incurred for either Memorial College of Nursing or Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing and Hudson Valley Community College courses. Actual costs vary with the number of credits taken.

If you will be a first-time, full-time student, you may use the Net Price Calculator to help you estimate your out-of-pocket expenses to attend either of our schools.

The Federal Register requires institutions to report certain information about students who are enrolled in Title IV eligible educational programs that lead to gainful employment in a recognized occupation (GE programs).  

 Memorial College of Nursing and Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing Costs

Tuition per credit ... $345

Nursing lab fee per semester ... $135

ATI fee - RN (per course) ... $443 - $480

ATI fee - LPN (per semester) ... $517

Health Service fee fall and spring semesters (non-refundable) ... $100 each (summer = $25)

Payment plan and late fee ... $50 (summer Payment plan =$25)

Returned check fee ... $20

Student service fee fall and spring semesters (non-refundable) ... $75 each (summer = $25)

Matriculation fee ... $200 (Non refundable; applied to 1st semester tuition)

Graduation fee (applied to students in their final semester only).... $175

Estimated cost for uniforms ... $150

Books ( RN first year average cost) ... $1,050

     (RN second year average cost) ... $775

     (LPN average cost) ... $950

Make-up time on a contractual basis ... $32 - $37 per hour

Estimated room and board is $12400 for the entire year (off campus only)

Estimated travel and other expenses are $125 per credit

Hudson Valley Community College Courses

Registration for courses at Hudson Valley Community College must be done through the Schools of Nursing.

Tuition per credit: (New York State residents) ...$179

     (Out of state-residents) ... $537 per credit hour

Lab fees ... $10 - $200

SUNY fee ... $1.50 per semester

Technology fee ... (part-time) $20 per credit; (full-time) $300 per semester

Records & Activities fee... (part-time) $12.05 per credit; (full-time) $128 per semester

Vehicle registration fee ... (part-time) $7.20 per credit; (full-time) $86.40 per semester

Published tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice. Students may apply for financial aid to assist with costs.

Samaritan offers both the RN and PN programs. About 58% of Samaritan students take out student loans averaging $7350 for the PN program and $14700 for the RN program. Samaritan's graduation rate is 70% for RNs and 58% for PNs and current loan default rate is 6%.

Memorial only offers the RN program. About 38% of Memorial students take out loans averaging $16866. Memorial's graduation rate is 87% and current loan default rate is 3.7%.

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