Innovative Programming

Innovative Programming at The Terrace

At The Terrace at Glen Eddy, we're proud to offer innovative programming to help keep our residents active and engaged, including:

Dakim (m) Power Computer

Regularly exercising the mind is the key to memory and mental function, just as keeping physically active keeps our bodies fit and healthy. That's why The Terrace at Glen Eddy offers the Dakim (m) Power Computer, a fun and easy way to exercise the brain while stimulating its six cognitive branches: long-term memory, short-term memory, critical thinking, visuospatial, calculation and language. The Dakim uses NuroLogic™ technology which self-adjusts the level of challenge of each exercise. The goal of each Dakim session is to be stimulating, yet not so difficult as to cause frustration, or too easy as to become boring. And, thanks to the easy touch screen, everything is bigger, bolder and brighter.

Nintendo Wii

No doubt, the latest and most overwhelmingly popular video system on the market, the Nintendo Wii is an interactive system that emulates the motion of real sports games, such as tennis, bowling, golf and boxing. Seniors find it easy and fun to use. Many of the motions created by playing the Wii can improve balance and coordination, while exercising the brain and body.

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