Clinical Outcomes & Patient Satisfaction

2013 Inpatient Orthopedic Program Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

The Inpatient Orthopedic Program at Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital is proud of our clinical outcomes as well as our level of patient satisfaction.  In 2013, we served 867 individuals, 417 of which were Total Joint Replacements. We realize that it is important to our patients to return home with their loved ones as soon as possible.  We are happy to report that 98 percent of our Total Joint Replacements returned back to their home and community, which compares very favorably with other inpatient orthopedic rehabilitation programs in the nation and the region. The average length of stay for our joint patients was 5.4 days.  That is shorter than other inpatient orthopedic rehabilitation facilities in the nation and the region.

We served 190 hip fracture patients in 2013. Hip fracture patients' average length of stay was 10 days which is shorter than the nation and the region by two days. We are happy to report that 78 percent of our hip fracture patients returned home, compared to the nation average at 75 percent.

The Inpatient Orthopedic Program is also proud that our patients and their families are pleased with our efforts.  The patient satisfaction surveys portray how our patients rate us on “Overall Patient Satisfaction”, and how they answered the question, “Would You Recommend This Facility?”  Although we want each and every one of our patients to be completely satisfied, we understand that not everyone will.  The Inpatient Orthopedic Program served 867 patients and 98 percent would recommend Sunnyview to family and friends.

Sunnyview Hospital served 2,513 individuals in 2013. We are very proud of the fact that 97 percent of individuals recommend Sunnyview to family and friends. 

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