The Heart Program at Albany Memorial

The Heart Program at Albany Memorial

An estimated two to three million Americans are affected by congestive heart failure (CHF). It accounts for more than 750,000 hospital admissions annually, many of which are avoidable.

The Heart Program at Albany Memorial Hospital is a comprehensive outpatient program for patients with CHF. Our program features outpatient treatment in a supportive, friendly environment and provides an alternative to frequent hospitalizations.

The goal of our program is to improve quality of life and promote independence with an emphasis on self-care. We provide:

  • Assessment - A registered nurse specially trained in cardiac disease management performs a thorough assessment at each visit. The assessment looks at weight, lung sounds, accumulation of fluids and general health status. If lab tests or x-rays are needed, they are performed at that time, eliminating the need for another trip to the hospital.
  • Education - Nurses, a dietitian and other clinical staff provide education for patients and caregivers on a wide range of topics, including instructions on diet, exercise, medications, weight monitoring, social issues and home modifications.
  • Follow-up - Frequent monitoring conducted by our nursing staff helps patients adhere to the recommendations of The Heart Program and identify changes in their condition.
  • Support - Patients benefit not only from treatment and education, but also from the social and spiritual support that is provided.
  • Communication - Our nursing staff routinely discuss each patient's condition with his/her physician, and quickly relay test results so their physician is always aware of any changes in status.

Award-Winning Inpatient Care

Congestive heart failure patients at Albany Memorial Hospital or Samaritan Hospital benefit from our award-winning CHF care plan developed to best manage your care while you are in the hospital.

For more information about The Heart Program at Albany Memorial Hospital, please call (518)449-4468.

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