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Get with the Guidelines

Patients admitted to Albany Memorial Hospital or Samaritan Hospital with heart disease or stroke benefit from our award-winning care pathways used to best manage their care.

Our hospitals participate in the American Heart Association's "Get With the Guidelines" programs for congestive heart failure, stroke and coronary artery disease. Our programs follow nationally recognized guidelines to provide patients with tools to help him or her stay as healthy as possible after discharge, including strategies for smoking cessation, weight management, eating right and exercise.

2010-11 Silver Plus Achievement Award Hospital

Tobacco Cessation

Smoking is the number one preventable risk factor of heart disease and stroke.
Albany Memorial Hospital and Samaritan Hospital are committed to helping patients who are interested in strategies to help quit smoking. A registered nurse is available to counsel patients and provide information and resources to help them kick the habit.
We are also pleased to offer an outpatient smoking cessation program at both Albany Memorial and Samaritan Hospital to help you or someone you love stop smoking. For more information about our tobacco cessation program, please call (518) 471-3567.

Community Education

In addition to "Get With the Guidelines" and our Tobacco Cessation programs, we offer community wellness programs on a variety of topics, including:

  • Understanding the risk factors for heart disease
  • Stroke identification and treatment
  • Nutrition
  • Hypertension

For more information about our services, please call (518) 449-4468.

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