Cancer Care Team

The Cancer Care Team

Our patient-care conferences bring together our own staff and other practitioners in the region. This helps to ensure the best thinking with regard to individual patient care.

At the Cancer Treatment Center, our professional cancer care team includes:

Medical Oncologists - Experts in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the medical oncologist serves as a "hub" of care, overseeing every aspect of treatment.

Radiation Oncologists - Trained physicians who oversee the treatment of cancer patients at the center, radiation oncologists use the latest radiation therapy techniques, including IGRT, Mammosite brachytherapy, and high-dose radiation (HDR) therapy for skin and gynecological malignancies.

Surgeons - Surgeons, with expertise in cancer-specific surgeries, collaborate with the primary care physician to decide on best outcomes.

Urologists - Urologists are physician who specialize in the treatment of prostate cancer and other urological malignancies.

Pathologists - With extensive training and experience in the analysis of body tissue to confirm or rule out a diagnosis of cancer, pathologists help identify any special considerations that may influence treatment decisions.

Nursing Staff - Specially trained nurses provide both inpatient and outpatient care to cancer patients. In the areas of medical and radiation oncology, nurses help assess patients' needs and work closely with physicians to provide exceptional cancer care. Our medical oncology nurses are all expert in the administration of chemotherapy, and are rigorously trained in all aspects of cancer care.

Physicists - Working with our radiation therapy team, physicists help in planning the often-complex radiation treatment, carefully shaping treatment beams and finalizing dosages using the center's state-of-the-art technologies.

Radiation Therapists - Radiation therapists have expertise in the administration of high-, low- and variable-dose-rate radiation therapies. In addition to offering the latest treatment techniques, these licensed therapists are committed to providing the highest level of compassionate, personalized care.

Nurse Navigators - Nurse navigators are registered nurses, experienced in oncology, who are responsible for streamlining and coordinating the entire, often-complex diagnosis, treatment and follow-up process for cancer patients. This may include advocacy with insurance companies, assistance with scheduling and much more. The Nurse Navigator Program at St. Mary's Cancer Treatment Center is unique in our region, and provides significant benefits and peace of mind to our patients and their families. Please call our nurse navigator with any questions or concerns you may have at (518) 268-5060.

Meet Our Nurse Navigator


Pharmacists - Important members of the cancer care team, pharmacists collaborate extensively with our physicians to design appropriate drug therapies for patients, as well as assist in monitoring safety and outcomes.

Dietitians - With extensive knowledge of the nutritional needs of cancer patients, including special considerations during radiation or chemotherapy treatment, dietitians regularly consult with our medical team to ensure patients' nutritional needs are met.


Hidegard Medicus Cancer Center (Fomerly St. Mary's Cancer Treatment Center)
1300 Massachusetts Avenue
Troy, New York 12180

Hildegard Medicus Cancer Center - Radiation Oncology (FormerlySamaritan Radiation Oncology)
2215 Burdett Avenue
Troy, New York 12180

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