Our services are free and confidential and are available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and are provided to females and males, both children and adults, without regard to race, class, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

Short Term Counseling
A counselor will work with you (individuals, couples, families, friends, and significant others) as you begin to sort out your feelings and regain control over your life.

Sexual Assault Support Group
We offer free support groups facilitated by Certified Sexual Assault Counselors on various topics.

Services of therapists are available free of charge to victims of sexual assault and crime.

Medical Accompaniment and Advocacy
Advocates are available to meet survivors at a hospital, clinic, or private physician's office to provide emotional support and information about medical procedures.

Legal Accompaniment and Advocacy
We provide information and support regarding the legal system, and accompaniment to police and court procedures if the crime is reported.

Forensic Nurse Examiner Program
Health care professionals, who have undergone a specialized forensic training, coordinate efforts with law enforcement, healthcare, and sexual assault/crime victim professionals in order to provide immediate, dignified, and compassionate treatment for the victim/survivor while ensuring timely, accurate collection of forensic evidence.

Senior Crime Victim Program
Provides assistance and support to older victims of crime: physical, sexual and emotional abuse, finical exploitation, fraud, neglect and abandonment.

Information and Referrals
Prevention information is available to help reduce revictimization, and referrals for services not provided by our program can be made to assist you.

Crime Victims Compensation
Victims of crime receive information and assistance with the NYS Crime Victim's Board compensations claims, and may receive monetary compensation for stolen property and lost wages, counseling, medical bills, funeral expenses, etc.

Community and Professional Education
Speakers are available to make presentations on various topics, and we provide training for allied professionals.


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