Toddler Program

Toddler Program

Toddlers are child care's equivalent of junior high school students! No longer infants, and not yet preschoolers, todders and the young two's are furiously becoming increasingly mobile, autonomous, social, throughtful creatures with language and insatiable urges to test and experiment.

Toddlers need a safe environment that is interesting to explore and filled with people who will respond to their emotional and intellectual needs. The toddler curriculum is everything that happens in the course of the day, all the child's experiences, planned and unplanned, as they are actively involved with people and materials from arrival to departure.

The toddler curriculum includes a variety of activities planned throughout the day:

  • active play - running, swinging, riding outside, dancing to lively music, marching
  • quiet play - painting, playing with play dough, doing puzzles, looking at books
  • energizing activities - stretching and moving to music, peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek, singing
  • calming activities - whispering, playing with sand or water, breathing deeply, waving scarves
  • solitary activities - doing puzzles, coloring with markers, painting at an easel
  • group play activities - dramatic play, scribbling side-by-side at a table, listening to stories

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the program as the curriculum is at its best when we work together in partnerships that put children first.


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