Infant Program

Infant Care

Samaritan Rensselaer Children's Center offers a full day of tender and loving care for babies six-weeks-old to 18-months-old.

The babies are cared for on their own schedules. They are fed, held and taken for walks. They are read to, sung to and played with. Each family is consulted about the care that their baby receives and the staff follow the families' lead. Mothers have come to the center to nurse their babies, as well as feed their babies from bottles.

The teachers in the classrooms have degrees in early childhood and/or elementary education and often have children of their own. When children are ready, they move into the toddler classrooms, often with children and teachers whom they already know.

"Quality care for babies is not brandishing an infant curriculum or infant stimulation. It is not spic-and-span tile and formica, or attractive lofts, or a bump-free environment, or even low ratios and smiley warm people. Quality is each and every child experiencing warm, personal care and developmentally appropriate opportunities for sensory, motor and language learning. Quality is parents feeling in control."

Learning for babies is everything the child experiences: arrival, dressing and undressing, diapering, handwashing, feeding and playing. Routines are the heart of the infant curriculum. Teachers talk, snuggle, giggle, tickle or sing a song as they change a diaper or feed a baby. A simple, flexible daily schedule allows for relaxed routines and individualized eating and sleeping opportunities.

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