Dining Services

Dining Services

Catering to You 

Catering to You is Morrison’s patient dining service designed specifically to support patients’ health, quality of life, and the recovery process during their hospitalization. Shortly after admission or prior to the first meal, each patient is greeted by his or her Catering Associate (CA) and introduced to the Catering to You service, e.g., personalized offering of menu selections close to mealtimes, meal service, and how to reach the CA for special requests.  

 Over the course of each day, the CA will visit his or her patients nine to 12 times. Approximately one hour before each mealtime, the CA will visit the patient to take the meal order and any special requests. The CA will also see the patient when the tray is delivered, during catering rounds, and when the tray is picked up.

 A dietitian is also available to help patients understand their diet order and/or meet their individual needs. 

 Meals are served over two-hour periods beginning at 7 am for breakfast, 11 am for lunch, and 4 pm for dinner. Specific delivery times vary by floor. 

If the food service does not meet your expectations please contact Food Service Management
at (518) 471-3107.

"Catering to You" Brochure

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