ACE Center

Acute Care for Elders Center
Specialized Hospital Care for the Elderly 

ACE Lounge
Our multidisciplinary geriatric team at the ACE Center has one simple goal – to help elderly patients return to their normal living situations and routines. 
Typically older patients are hospitalized for common acute illnesses. Yet some lose function and mobility during their hospital stay. Others end up never returning to their pre-hospitalization living situation.
In our newly renovated space on the second floor of Albany Memorial Hospital, we have designed the ACE Center focusing on the unique needs of the elderly population.

     •  Private, single rooms to promote healing and wellness
     •  Specialized walking environment to encourage mobility and preserve strength
     •  Family Lounge with hi-definition, flat screen TV, comfortable couches and kitchenette
     •  Dining & Activity Room to enhance healthy eating, and develop camaraderie among patients
     •  Daily multidisciplinary rounds utilizing geriatric care principles to monitor functional needs of patients
     •  Social, nutritional and memory assessments
     •  Mobility assessment to determine the need for a rehabilitation plan
     •  Medication review to ensure proper dose and avoid complications
     •  Discharge planning (begun upon admission)
     •  Other support services as needed

Admission to the ACE Center - Information for Physicians and Providers

The following types of patients are ideally suited for the center:

     •  Adult patients (typically 65 and older) who are at risk of losing the ability to care for themselves.
     •  Patients with pneumonia, cellulitis or UTI, and at risk for loss of function, or have associated delirium
        or dementia.
     •  Patients who do not require surgical consultation. 

For a direct referral to the center, please contact the Admissions Hub at  518-471-3609
(A patient may also be admitted to the center if the patient is evaluated in our Emergency Department and meets the ACE admission criteria.)

Interdisciplinary Team, Collaborative Care

     •  Hospitalist
     •  Nurse Practitioner
     •  Geriatrician
     •  Social Worker
     •  Physical Therapist
     •  Occupational Therapist
     •  Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
     •  Registered Dietitian
     •  Psychologist
     •  Pharmacist
     •  Pastoral Care
     •  Case Manager

Contact Us

Albany Memorial Hospital ACE Center
600 Northern Blvd.
Albany, NY 

ACE Center 518-427-3365 or 518-427-3367
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