Outpatient Physical Therapy Services


Sunnyview provides the most advanced outpatient physical therapy available today. Our highly skilled professionals tailor a treatment plan to meet each patient’s individual needs. And, our up-to-the-minute treatment techniques, combined with state-of-the-art technology, assure that you, or your loved one, receive the best care possible.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy uses a combination of manual therapies, various treatment modalities, exercise and education to help patients improve mobility and function, and help manage pain. Physical therapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, including:

  • *  Orthopedics/sports injuries
  • *  Stroke
  • *  Neck and back pain
  • *  Neurological disorders
  • *  Vertigo
  • *  Multiple trauma
  • *  Post-surgical rehabilitation following: joint replacements; houlder/elbow/hand surgeries; rotator cuff surgery; hip/knee/ankle surgeries; back surgery

Up-to-the-Minute Treatment Techniques

Sunnyview physical therapists utilize a variety of treatment techniques, including:

  • *  Joint mobilization
  • *  Myofascial release
  • *  Soft-tissue mobilization
  • *  Ultrasound
  • *  Electrical stimulation
  • *  Cervical/lumbar traction
  • *  Therapeutic exercise/strengthening
  • *  Range of motion
  • *  Orthotic fabrication

And, our specialized vestibular therapy program provides evaluation and treatment of inner ear disorders associated with balance, disorientation, vertigo and dizziness.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Sunnyview is proud to offer state-of-the-art technology, including:

Bioness L300 System - uses mild stimulation to help an individual lift his/her foot, so that walking is safer and easier.
Lite Gait - a partial weight-bearing gait and balance therapy system that helps promote normal walking patterns by controlling the patient's posture and eliminating concerns for balance.
ERGYS - a computerized electrical stimulation leg cycle.
TENS - transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to help reduce pain.

Outpatients at Sunnyview are invited to join the hospital’s Lifestyle Wellness Center, a comprehensive fitness center for people of all ages. Certified personal trainers assess clients and design an individualized program to help improve physical strength, endurance and energy.

Scheduling an Appointment

Outpatient physical therapy services are offered at two convenient locations:

Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital/Second Floor
1270 Belmont Avenue, Schenectady
(518) 382-4530

Carman Medical Arts
3757 Carman Road, Guilderland
(518) 356-3139

Sunnyview Therapy Services
579 Troy-Schenectady Road, Latham
Latham Farms (adjacent to Hannaford)
(518) 382-4593

Sunnyview Therapy Services - Western Avenue
1450 Western Avenue, Suite 101, Albany
(518) 525-5588


Early morning and evening appointments available.

A physician prescription is needed, and some insurances may require a physician referral. Please call us if you have any questions.

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