Eddy Health Alert (with GPS technology)

Eddy Health Alert

A personal emergency response system with GPS technology

With Eddy Health Alert, you can get the help you need fast in the event of a medical emergency, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year: anywhere … anytime!

With GPS technology, you can feel protected just about anywhere — at the grocery store, the park, your children’s home or even while away on vacation!

How Eddy Health Alert works:

• You receive a mobile help phone, in-home base station and waterproof button or wristband. (No home phone is required.)

• When help is needed, simply push either the phone button or the pendant button.

• A trained professional immediately identifies your location, speaks with you about your condition and secures immediate help.

• Our response professionals know who you are, where you are and your medical background.

Additional features:

• Nationwide coverage on the AT&T network

• Two-way voice communicator with a live operator

• Monitored 24/7/365 by our Emergency Response Center

• No hidden fees, no surprise charges on your credit card!

Call today for more information, 833-1040.

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