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Note to Existing Clients: New Technology at Lower Prices!

Eddy Health Alert has partnered with a new medical alert provider. As a result, all of our existing clients will receive this new technology and new pricing, and we are transitioning the equipment at no charge.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

Eddy Health Alert offers multiple state-of-the-art medical alert systems which help patients remain safe and have peace of mind at home or while traveling outside their home. We have options for home landline, home cellular, or mobile personal help buttons that allow individuals to summon help virtually anywhere! And, to ensure patients can afford the solutions that help them to be independent at home, we’re pleased to offer reduced pricing:

     -  Installation is $30 (was $50)
     -  Landline personal help system is $31 per month (was $38)
     -  Cellular home-based system is $38 per month (was $49.95)
     -  Mobile (GPRS) system is $38 per month

Monitored Medication Dispensers

Medication adherence is a challenge for many trying to live safely in the community and avoid readmissions. We offer two new models of medication dispensing equipment:
MedMinder looks like a large pill box, is easy to use and can be pre-poured with up to 28 doses of multiple medications.
TabSafe can be expanded to accommodate unlimited doses and a greater number of medications per dose. Our installation includes training of caregivers to fill the units and setup of schedules and record prompts, as well as ongoing assistance as needed.
     -  Installation of Medication Dispensing Units is $50 
     -  MedMinder is $40 per month (was $50) 
     -  TabSafe is $50 per month

Please call 518-833-1040 for more information.

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